Friday, 22 December 2006

Indoor training...


Steady session on the turbo trainer and did some basic fitness data collection during the session. Following a good warm up rode at a fixed power output and recorded my HRAVE for a 5 minute period at a constant power. I'll refer back to this in the future and hopefully see a difference as time goes by.

Data collected shown below:

5 minutes @ 250W HRAVE = 132 BPM
5 minutes @ 300W HRAVE = 157 BPM

Also established that my power output at the upper limit of ZR is currently about 200W. Also interesting that today my 5 minute average HR at an output of 210W was 115 BPM which is about seven BPM lower than the last test 2 days ago, just goes to show what a day of rest can do.

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