Sunday, 4 February 2007

Sunday Training...


This was a hard old ride and no mistake. 65 miles with 2x30 minute Z5 efforts (25mile TT pace) thrown in with 45 minutes recovery between them. Managed the efforts at a pace which covered the "10" in just over 28 minutes which was longer than I had hoped for but there is no escaping from hard facts! It was a bit dispiriting to say the least to watch one of the blokes just ride off into the distance, pretty morale sapping experience that.

For the first time today I did start to question the likelihood of my achieving my objectives but I'm going to continue to bash on and hope that at some point over the next few months I achieve some sort of breakthrough, I've got to at least keep on trying and if nothing else I should be fit enough for the Raid Pyreneen which I'm looking forward to.

Summary of weekly training below:

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