Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sunday Training


Another week draws to a close and it has been quite a mixed one! Today went REALLY well, I feel 100% better and the dietary changes of a far higher and more regular and structured carbohydrate intake coupled with a litre of skimmed milk a day have really paid dividends.

Did about 75 miles today at an average speed of about 17mph on a route which included over 3000' of ascent in quite windy weather. I felt strong and well throughout and not tired at the end, so very different from a few days ago, no comparison at all.

I'm now very much looking forward to a graduated relaunch of the more intense training, I feel after today thatI am very much on the right track. I was really pleased that I was even able to hang onto Ian without completely killing myself and he's 20 years younger than me and came in 37th place in the Fred Whitton, a heck of a rider. I think he was a bit surprised too!

Ian and I have agreed to exchange, in confidence, our HR files from today's ride, it will be interesting to see how they compare, I have a theory about how he should move forward and if I can help him at all I will, he and John will be great company in the Pyrenees in 4 weeks time.

Summary of weekly training below, bit fragmented thanks to the Fred Whitton!

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