Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Tuesday Training


Another one down and felt better than I have been doing recently when doing the HR session. I was a bit surprised today that having been eating and resting well that my output hasn't come back to the levels I experienced a couple of weeks ago which I had been so encouraged by, I think that night my HR was a bit lower too. The good news is that my output has to a considerable extent recovered, the outline results for this evening are below:
  1. 90 RPM 310W
  2. 90 RPM 300W
  3. 85 RPM 300W
  4. 85 RPM 300W
  5. 80 RPM 300W
  6. 80 RPM 300W
  7. 75 RPM 300W
Certainly pleased to have managed to produce 300W on all the efforts and for the most part my HR did not go above 163 for any length of time.

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