Saturday, 14 July 2007

Kastos to Vasiliki


Another sunny and fun day in the South Ionian, a much longer leg to Vasiliki which is at the Southern end of Levkas Island.

Nice steady day and had to motor for much of the early part of the passage due to a lack of wind, the sea was eerily still at times.

Poor Lorena managed to lose her peaked hat over the side but in spite of a heroic rescue attempt we watched helplessly as it slid into over 100 metres of water.

As is often the case in the afternoon a brisk breeze whipped up and the sailing was soon lively and we made good progress to our destination.

Had the usual wrestle getting the sails down as we approached the harbour and managed to avoid the shifting sand bank to the left of the entrance.

Vasiliki is an idyllic spot, lovely harbour, clear blue water and a nice breeze. We are here for a couple of days which will be nice. Already found a place that does good banana splits!

Off for a nice dinner now, been to the cashpoint!

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