Saturday, 21 July 2007

Spartahori to Sivota


And so after covering about 176 nautical miles we have returned to the harbour we left 2 weeks ago, what a brilliant trip it has been.

We've met new people and made new friends and shared some memorable moments. We will never forget our close encounter with wild dolphins and in a way I am pleased we didn't photograph them and they remain only in the "minds eye".

Will we come sailing again? I think we probably will at some point and who knows what we might do in the future when time is less of a problem, let us hope for continuing good health.

I heard today how a friend of Neil Baxter my cycling mate crashed in The Alps on the last descent of the last day at 70kph.

He's now in hospital with multiple fractures and a punctured lung, dangerous games we play. I always try to keep it in mind, that extra bit of speed on a descent isn't everything, it really isn't.

Talking to a chap today about a race over the Atlantic, sounds interesting, I'll check out this website:

Out for the last dinner of the holiday tonight, no doubt there will be an awards ceremony!

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