Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thursday Training


First high resistance session since the holiday so was always going to be interesting! It was interesting and I'm not really too clear about the results. My HR, as in previous sessions, is higher than it has been but strangely my legs didn't feel too bad. My only thought is that this is because I am exerting less force so my legs feel better and that my higher HR is effectively acting as a brake on things leaving my legs feeling Ok. Able to pedal at about 170BPM today without my legs suffering too much so all very interesting.

Power output faded as the efforts passed but perhaps not as badly as I might have expected. Still 30W below where I was and at one time I had managed to do all the efforts at 300W and above, hopefully in time this will return. No doubt though that 2 weeks is too long to stop for with a challenge coming up, still, can't change that now, just plough on and hope for the best.

1. 90 RPM 290W
2. 90 RPM 290W
3. 85 RPM 280W
4. 85 RPM 280W
5. 80 RPM 270W
6. 80 RPM 270W
7. 75 RPM 270W

Making good progress with the weight management and seem to have got into a reasonable groove with this which is good. %BF seems high for some reason but I think this is a lot to do with having changed the scales and started using the new ones I bought ages ago. I think when losing weight and having been on holiday, restarting training etc. everything is in a bit of a state of flux and this isn't something to take too much notice of, it will settle down in time.

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