Sunday, 26 August 2007

Sunday Training


Nice ride today through the countryside, took it nice and easy. At about 65 miles gave a bit of a long hard pull to see how I was feeling if an effort was required and I felt fine, happily rolling along on the front at 20+mph without any real problems.

So that's pretty much the work done for the CC. I'll be eating, hydrating, and sleeping well for the last week with just a few short sessions to keep me ticking over and then we'll see once and for all. As expected the forecast for the area at the present time is wind and rain, great.

Had a little surprise on the financial front yesterday and the question remains, should I buy a PowerTap and move into the TSS/IF/ATL/CTL arena, might be the best chance I'll get to do so. Decisions decisions! I could just be sensible for once...

Summary of weekly training follows:

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