Friday, 17 August 2007

Friday Training


Attached is the info from this morning's hill repeats, I did 4 repeats of Lemmington Bank with about a 45 minute hilly ride out to the start, enough of a hill to repeat for anyone!

I was pleased with the climbs, particularly not being fresh at the start, the time and HR data for the 4 climbs is below:
  1. 7:45 165BPM
  2. 7:50 163BPM
  3. 7:57 161BPM
  4. 7:51 162BPM
The hill is 1.08 miles long and has about 450' of ascent, the gradient is an average of 8%, I was climbing at about 3400' per hour. I'm quite pleased with climbing 2720' in a sub 2 hour ride on the day before going away for the weekend.

Good session that.

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