Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thursday Training


The last of the efforts before the Cumberland Challenge, just to alert my legs to the fact that there is some work coming their way in the next day or so. I'll be doing a light spin (<150W) on Saturday morning and that will be it. Did a short session on the CompuTrainer tonight which included one 20 minute effort and all went pretty well. Data for the effort (MP20) shown below, happy with the output which is as good as I've been for some time and this figure seems to be steadily improving.

Peak 20min (286 watts):
Duration: 20:01
Work: 344 kJ
TSS: 36.3 (intensity factor 1.043)
Norm Power: 287
VI: 1
Distance: 7.272 mi
Elevation Gain: 875 ft
Elevation Loss: 0 ft
Grade: 2.3 % (876 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 196 326 286 watts
Heart rate: 133 173 163 bpm
Cadence: 63 96 92 rpm
Speed: 20.8 22.6 21.8 mph
Pace 2:39 2:53 2:45 min/mi
Altitude: -54 821 382 ft
Crank Torque: 180 424 264 lb-in

Hartside here I come!

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