Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tuesday Training


Still got some fatigue in the legs from Sunday but tonight I had a scheduled 2x20 session to look forward to. Plan tonight is to do the session not using the pre-programmed method but using the Spin Scan mode and set my effort level using the gradient setting so that's what it did.

Found the session hard but fine and my power output was up slightly in spite of Sundays 104 miles. Didn't find this method as convenient as the pre-planned method but it does at least also allow me to use the Spin Scan function to look at my pedaling whilst I'm working. This did show that my L-R power balance is slightly out and I was consistently producing a 48%-52% split favouring my right leg, oddly enough this evened out when I went onto the drops which must be something to do with my biomechanics. At least having the information I can try to work on my technique.

Using the gradient setting felt very similar to the ergo setting. The load is adjusted 30 times a second to mimic road riding so if I'm on a "gradient" and drop my power output the load goes up at first as happens on a bike. So not that much difference though I think the feel is a bit different.

Anyway, finished the session, not able to elevate HR as high as previously, breathing not the limiting factor, leg fatigue was. Some session data below, the recording was started at the start of the first effort and ended at the end of the 2nd effort, next time I'll include the warm up and cool down periods and get the effort data out using Cyclingpeaks.

Entire workout (248 watts):
Duration: 45:02
Work: 670 kJ
TSS: 64.2 (intensity factor 0.925)
Norm Power: 254
VI: 1.03
Distance: 16.035 mi

Peak 20min (267 watts):
Duration: 20:01
Work: 320 kJ
TSS: 31.5 (intensity factor 0.971)
Norm Power: 267W
VI: 1
Distance: 7.174 mi
Elevation Gain: 670 ft
Elevation Loss: 0 ft
Grade: 1.8 % (669 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 137 340 267 watts
Heart rate: 100 161 154 bpm
Cadence: 27 93 90 rpm
Speed: 11 22.2 21.5 mph
Pace 2:42 5:27 2:47 min/mi
Altitude: 0 670 306 ft
Crank Torque: 141 635 250 lb-in

2nd effort

Average power 354W
Average HR 156BPM

Below is recent data from similar sessions showing the peak 20 minute power output values and the average HR values to achieve them, my short term goal is to reach a peak 20 minute value of 270W:

03/08 263W - 164BPM
06/08 258W - 154BPM
07/08 259W - 157BPM
14/08 267W - 154BPM

Damn, I was pretty pleased with this until I looked back and saw that I recorded a peak 20 minute power of 287W back in July :-(

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