Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thursday Training


Tonight was the night of my ramp test, the first "proper" one I have done organised by myself. I used the standard protocol of starting at 100W and then increasing the load by 20W every 1 minute until unable to continue.

I last did a ramp test on 25.08.2006 just before the 2006 Cumberland Challenge. In 2006 I completed the Cumberland Challenge in a time of 7:11, this year I completed the challenge in 6:20, I am quicker on a bike now than I was then.

The data from my 2006 test was as follows:

Maximum minute power output: 354W
Power/weight ratio; 4.4 Watts/Kg
Maximum HR: 184BPM

The test I did tonight was disappointing but I'm not worried about it. Fundamentally I don't think I had my preparation and nutrition right and when I first started the test I felt my legs were a bit empty (even a bit wobbly) in spite of or perhaps because of my recent lack of training, I feel that I must have lost significant fitness having only done one easy turbo session since the Cumberland Challenge on 02.09.2007.

So, didn't feel on top of the job at the start but decided to press ahead as at least it would test the methodology and draw a line in the sand. I completed the test and the data for the MP1 are shown below:

Peak 1min (368 watts):
Duration: 1:01
Work: 22 kJ
TSS: 3 (intensity factor 1.334)
Norm Power: n/a
VI: n/a
Distance: 0.35 mi
Elevation Gain: 0 ft
Elevation Loss: 0 ft
Grade: 0.0 % (0 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 352 385 368 watts
Heart rate: 168 175 171 bpm
Cadence: 80 91 88 rpm
Speed: 18.3 21.4 20.6 mph
Pace 2:48 3:17 2:54 min/mi
Altitude: 0 0 0 ft
Crank Torque: 330 388 354 lb-in

I am currently about 2.5Kg heavier than I was at the time of the last test, my Power/Weight ratio for this test is 4.46Watts/Kg just a fraction better than a year ago, if I were the same weight as then it would be 4.6Watts/Kg, hardly a big difference!

At least I now have a benchmark and I can work from here. I am confident that there is more in the tank than this when I have not been off the bike for 10 days and have perhaps a bit more food on board a couple of hours before the test. I would guess from the general feel of things that I should be able to get the MP1 up to about 380+W which would give me 4.75Watts/Kg, mind you if I was down at 77Kg it would be 4.93Watts/Kg which would be progress! Pretty depressing though to look at this chart and see what that means!

Ok, something to work on, onwards and upwards, I think I need to do this test about every 2 months.

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