Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tuesday Training


2x20 minutes on the CompuTrainer again, still sticking with using my preplanned wattages and the 2 efforts tonight were done at the same level as last time, 275W. I think that this is around my FTP but I'll need to do a formal FTP test at some point to make sure I have my power levels defined correctly but I do like this method of training.

It was interesting to see that my HR for the efforts tonight was very different in comparison to the previous week, about 10BPM lower. This cannot be explained by a fitness gain in a week so it must be down to "other factors". I guess this means that if I had done tonight's session based purely on HR instead I would have worked harder to get my HR to a higher level but I instinctively know that I would have really struggled to maintain a higher power for 2x20 minutes, better I think to control the power and increase it steadily in a controlled way over time.

Data for the 2 efforts shown below:

Effort 1

Average HR 147
Decoupling 6.74%

Effort 2

Average HR 158
Decoupling 4.57%

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