Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thursday Training


Computrainer - FTP Test - 20 Min TT.
This was an unmitigated disater :-( 5 min power better by about 10W than last time but never felt right and never recovered from the effort. First 5 mins of 20 minute TT ridden at 314W compared to a first 5 mins last time of 328W and was realy struggling and getting weaker by the minute. Just had no leg strength and could not get breathing under control so packed in and just rode steadily until the hour was up and stopped. Difficult to say how disappointed I feel after all the work over the last 2 months, if the test means anything I am now less fit/strong than I was 2 months ago which seems a poor return. No doubt there is a reason but I'm damned if I know what it is. Thought the problem might have been the time of day dut did the last test at the same time. HRV data this morning not good but not awful either, shame I don't have the same information from last time. Feel like chucking things in at the moment but I'm sure that will pass.

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