Saturday, 17 May 2008

Saturday Training


This session replaced the usual road L3 because the weather this morning was once again cold and wet, pretty typical for it to rain on Saturday after no rain for the last 2 weeks all the time I've been at work. Tried doing another CompuTrainer vs PowerTap comparision which was very interesting, might as well put the session to an additional purpose having been confined indoors. Anyway, no major problems with the session, not feeling very fresh but that's to be expected after the last couple of weeks I guess. I definitely find it harder work on the CompuTrainer, you just don't realise when out on the road how all those short periods of not pushing on the pedals add up and how much rest and recovery they give you, none of that indoors! Will post the latest CompuTrainer vs PowerTap comparison later when I've sorted out the data.
[Uploaded 17/05/2008 13:31:17]

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