Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday Training


Last long ride before the Polka Dot Challenge, rode the usual recent Sunday route up to Lowick with John and Ian, VERY windy and cold for the time of year. Bumped into Mike and Keith in Bamburgh and came back through the lanes together through Rock and Rennington then down the coast to Shortridge Hall and over the hill we know and love, Shilbottle. Had planned on a TSS for today's ride of 225 and in the event it came out at 220 which was more by luck than skill but it keeps me pretty much on target for my current plans and objectives which is good. So, steady ahead for the forthcoming week, not bothering to do a formal taper as I'm concentrating on La Marmotte but equally I don't want to arrive at the Polka Dot start line completely shot having paid my entry fee!
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