Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday Training


Another L4 session to deal with. I'm still trying to keep leaning on the FTP door, Previous L4 turbo sessions have been done @ 280W recently so decided to try a notch up and see what happened, unsurprisingly it felt harder! Plan was to start the first effort @ 285W and see how it went and take it from there working in manual ergo mode. Completed the first 20 minutes @ 285W so decided to see how far I got with the 2nd one at the same load. After about 10 minutes @ 285W I was up at about 90% so backed right off and cruised in at L2 for the remainder. Will repeat the experience next time and just try to push a bit longer for the 2nd effort until I'm on top of it, then increase the load for the first effort again. I reckon the right thing to do is work away until I start going above 90% and then ease back, above that and we're not talking L4 any more in terms of physiological stress. Looking at my MP20 figures I seem to be making a bit of progress so whilst things are moving in the right direction I'll keep plugging away. I'm certain that the key to really good training is recovery, the problem is my age is against me there, it takes so much longer to get over hard sessions, better get used to it before the 2010 extravaganza! Tandem ride tomorrow!

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