Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tuesday (not) Training


A nice relaxing evening, I've decided I definitely prefer evenings when I don't do any training to those when I do train, which is a bit of a worry given the challenges ahead! It's just really nice to relax for the whole evening and not spend time working away on a turbo trainer in the spare bedroom.

Another nice thing this evening was that I have been again used as a guinea pig by Lorena to practice her Reiki as part of the course she is doing. I have no idea if or how it works but I do find it very relaxing, in fact it makes me doze off most of the time. It's strange but doing something like that is definitely far more relaxing that watching TV or the like.

I'm not sure that Lorena was too keen on me wearing a HRM for the session to see if there were any effects but I did it anyway, surprisingly it did seem to slow things down and alter my HRV numbers. My guess is that this is mainly due to the lengthy period of relaxation involved but who knows and who cares anyway.

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