Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday Training


Just 2 L5 efforts today in a workout lasting only 35 minutes, excluding my 10 minute warmup. Still just doing a bit of higher intensity work without overdoing it. These 2 L5 efforts actually felt reasonably Ok, well as reasonable as these sort of efforts can! I felt I could definitely have continued which is how I wanted to end this session, on a positive note rather than hanging over the handlebars having gone some curious shade of blue.

So, a TSS so far this week of just 188 but all that will change on Sunday. I'd intended not to overdo things this week and I haven't (apart from all the extra gardening) and I still have an easy day to go tomorrow. Looking at my PMC my CTL on Sunday will be about 75TSS/d and my TSB will be 9.1 so in theory I should have brought on a mini peak for the day, if these numbers mean anything!

Am continuing with my experiments with "live" GPS tracking on my weblog and it seems to be going well, hopefully it will work Ok on Sunday!

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