Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thursday Training


Another 2x20 L4 session completed. Wasn't quite sure what to expect today with the continuation of the walking as well as the introduction of the L5 work on Tuesday but all was well.

The session is never going to be a walk in the park but neither was it intolerable, I didn't seem to be getting the very severe quad discomfort I've had previously so who knows I may finally be moving forward, I'll keep pressing on and hope for the best.

Will repeat my blood lactate measurement after this session in a weeks time, it will be a month since the last one, and if I'm still reasonably "comfortable" with the session I'll raise the load a little. Gently gently... No rush...

Interesting to compare tonight's HR data with the information from an IDENTICAL (in load terms, both used the same CompuTrainer .erg file) session done on 22.07.2008. Now HR is a very variable thing from day to day and all sorts of factors change it's response but coupled with my PE for the session tonight I'm quite encouraged.

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