Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tuesday Training


So, build week one again and some higher intensity stuff begins, I had been dreading this L5 session rather. In the end I followed the plan I developed last week (based on the wisdom of RapDaddyO) and having in readiness established my maximum 5 minute power I planned to ride my L5 efforts at the same power (340W) but for a minute less, 4 minutes. My plan was to initially try to ride 4x4 minutes @ 340W (4 minute recoveries) and see if I could get to the end.

I went for broke and set up a .erg file so that the CompuTrainer did all the thinking and timing and I was either going to get to the end and make it or just grind to a halt, once one of these files it's started you either make it or you don't, no half measures.


I'm confident that the load and timings were just right, this was extremely challenging and just manageable, something to build on but I was pleased, especially after all the walking I've been doing, I walked over 6 miles this morning. I could tell I was working at VO2 max level because I was getting generally hypoxic, I know the feeling from my running days when the system is generally starved of oxygen and I get a characteristic aching in my arms as available oxygen is consumed by my working leg muscles and unavailable for other muscles, hence the aching.

So, more of these sessions to follow, I think the trick is as soon as the session is over to try to forget it as quickly as possible, I think if you think about it too much there would be a considerable temptation not to do it again! ;-)

If you would like to see the details of this extravaganza click here.
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