Saturday, 13 September 2008

Saturday Training


Continuing with the same theme, more steady L3 work and still feeling comfortable with things. Had some real fun with this session as it was a first for me, I streamed video of the session live to the Internet just to see if I could, and it worked!

The funny thing about the video experiment was that even though it didn't apply with this session I could imagine that if I were doing a hard session the idea that someone *might* be watching you somewhere in the world would be quite a spur to keep you going! I think I'll experiment with this some more and see how it goes. The other thought I had was that if one was going to stream video of a session one could announce it in advance and then when the time came it would be that much more difficult to duck out of it because someone *might* just be dropping in to check it out!

Strange how the human mind works, mine anyway!

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