Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunday Training


More L3 work, a 2x25 minute session which yielded a TSS of 75.4 so including the warmup that's a TSS of about 80 for the day which is fine. I'll be continuing with this work tomorrow and probably Tuesday too and then after my rest day on Wednesday I'll start doing some SST work before slowly re-introducing some L4 work again, probably the following week.

It is my intention to do as much L4 work as I can over the Winter with the sole aim of pushing up my CTL and FTP as far as I can before I emerge as a re-invented cyclist, again, in the Spring! ;-)

If anyone fancies dropping into the blog tomorrow I'll be streaming video of the session (more L3 work) commencing at 19:30 BST (GMT +1) which again will appear in the player at the foot of the page. Don't forget a black screen means no video is being streamed, a "Beano" screen indicates that video is being streamed and that the session will be starting shortly, and a bloke on a turbo looking as if he's not enjoying himself much means I've started!

Onwards and upwards...

[Uploaded 14/09/2008 22:00:24]

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