Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday Training


In the end after the social evening last night about 12 riders met up at the sports centre this morning and had a good ride out and the weather was kind to us which was just great. I clamped the miniature video camera onto the bars and came home with about an hour of video clips to sort out. I've now edited them onto a DVD which includes pretty much all the footage I got and is a good record of the ride, who knows when we will all be together again. Not got round to editing it right down to the sub 10 minutes required by YouTube yet but I'll do that in the next few days and get something uploaded.

I have now produced a YouTube version of the video, to watch it click here.

Quite a lumpy ride but felt fine throughout which I was pleased with having already covered 155 miles this week before I started, including CompuTrainer miles, and with 50 hilly miles yesterday so I wasn't fresh to start with. Took the climbs generally steadily and enjoyed the ride, didn't feel in any difficulties and always felt I had gas in the tank but that might have been down to the large quantity of Indian food I consumed last night so didn't need to bother with bars or gels at all today :-)

By the time I got home I'd covered just over 63 miles and clocked up a TSS of 269 which gave me a total TSS for the weekend of 463 so a day off tomorrow is in order but touch wood I'm feeling fine. This week has been the second week of my 4 week cycle and next week will be another good solid week of training before a much easier week the following week, my adaptation week.

The NP for today's ride was 246W and the VI an extremely high 1.45! It was a funny old ride, some pretty brisk efforts and lots of very easy cruising, probably because I was at the back making a video recording! :-) It's interesting to look at the power profile for the ride, about 10% was hard effort (hills, surges, etc.) but for over 50% of the ride I was in my aerobic recovery zone! (Graph below).

Current CTL is sitting at 83 TSS/d which compares with a CTL of about 30 this time last year but I didn't have such a long power training history. Certainly last year my training was less structured and much of it was done at a lower level of intensity.

Still happy with how things are going and I feel that my efforts are starting to show some rewards at last, I'm just feeling at the moment that my legs feel much more comfortable under a sustained effort which is good news, I'll just stick with the plan and see where it takes me, I've got to give it time to deliver results, or not! I think following a discussion last night that next year I might give the TLI races a go, I believe in trying things at least once, better to stop doing something because you don't like it than just not try it.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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  1. that's weird? an NP of 246 when you spent half your time under 170w? those hard efforts must have been pretty hard!!!!

    hope you're keeping well