Thursday, 18 September 2008

Thursday Training


Bit harder work today, this was a 2x20 sweet spot session with the 20 minute efforts done at 270W which is right on the border of L3 and L4 for me, a good place to train.

The session was not of course easy but neither was it a real struggle, I think and hope that I'm putting in some good steady training with this approach and I am starting to feel like increasing things a bit which is a very positive sign and I don't feel I'm digging a hole for myself at all.

Looking forward to the weekend and hoping the weather will be kind and that I might be able to get out and test my legs on the road. Back to a 2x20 L3 session tomorrow which I am sure will be fine and should leave me reasonably fresh for the weekend. I'll be doing a WebCast of tomorrow's session at 09:00hrs BST (GMT +1) if anyone fancies dropping by :-)

To check out the data from this workout click here.

Cheers all.

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