Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wednesday (not) Training


A rest day! And very nice it has been too. Brilliant start today when the house martin successfully set off, I'll post a link to a short video a bit later I hope.

I think I'm doing a SST session tomorrow which will be fun I'm sure, planning to broadcast it live as a webcast again (see player below) if you fancy dropping in. I'll be climbing aboard at 10:00 BST (GMT +1), drop in if you fancy seeing a guy suffering for an hour or so! Think it will be a 2x20 SST session rather than anything longer, I'm sure that will be enough!

Cheers all.


  1. c'mon then ... we're waiting to watch you suffer :-))))

  2. ignore that - it was google chrome not playing well with flash. i can feel your pain!!

  3. Hi Mark

    Thanks for dropping in, I dumped Chrome myself, might try it again when it's a bit more "finished".

    I get the impression you are starting to enjoy me suffering!