Saturday, 18 October 2008

Saturday Training

Weather poor today, pretty cold and very windy the wind being predominantly from the South West ((Grading SW4) but in spite of this the ride went really well. This was back to the L3 road training and was ridden at tempo pace, just more good solid aerobic engine building.

I had pre-planned a suitable circuit and the plan was to ride 2 laps of the 27 mile circuit with a short warm up and a short cool down, about 10 minutes of each. I reckoned that the perfect ride for this purpose would be one where the second circuit was about the same time wise as the first and this objective was pretty well achieved with the first circuit taking 1:18:08 and the second 1:19:51.

In terms of speed the weather was against us and the roads were slippery so caution was the top priority but we were happy with how things went for this time of year. The details are below:

Distance covered: 60.3 miles.
Overall average speed for ride (inc warmup and cool down): 19.0mph.
Average speed for 2 circuits (53.7 miles): 20.4mph.
Average speed circuit 1: 20.7mph.
Average speed circuit 2: 20.2mph.

NP 254.
TSS 214.

So, a good training session to continue with the Autumn/Winter work, lots more to come!

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