Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday Training


Look at today's forecast, and it was true! Fantastic day! :-)

Excellent ride with friends covering just over 84 miles with about 5800' of ascent (O/S data) including the climb of Ros Castle near Chatton. This was a beautiful route ridden on a quite fantastic day, and certainly one for the memory banks!

There were a couple of significant incidents. The most serious was when one of my companions took evasive action to avoid an oncoming car on a very narrow and slippery moorland road and went one heck of a clatter but as far as we were able to establish he had no major injuries and he was able to continue, remarkably at an undiminished pace! Still more remarkable was the the driver of the car (who was not to blame at all for the accident) was none other that Roger Hammond, currently pro with Team Columbia and former pro with Discovery Channel. I guess looking on the bright side it was nice to meet him but the circumstances could have been better!

Later in the ride I had the misfortune of my rear mech shifter cable breaking right inside the shifter. Hmm.. it was either take a short cut and head home or ride the last 22 miles in the only gear I had, my 50/12 which might prove to be a challenge. Anyway I chose the latter option and was quite surprised that apart from a couple of short ascents we still had to do it didn't really present a problem and I was able to make quite good progress!

So, we arrived back at our starting point in good spirits in spite of our difficulties, it's a good long ride in the legs and in the bag which will stand us in good stead for the future. This was a good day, and I have an adaptation week coming up :-)

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  1. Roger Hammond - how cool is that? Struggling home on a 50x12 is not my idea of a fantastic ride :-) It takes all sorts :-)

  2. :-) You must be getting soft in your old age Mark! :-)