Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday Training



Good steady L2 ride (50 miles) up to Bamburgh with friends with a stiff headwind all the way back down the coast. No pressure today which would be counter-productive following yesterday's efforts and back home in good time for coffee and crumpets. I didn't know that crumpets are less than 1% fat, as long as you put jam on them rather than loads of butter, I must eat more of them :-)

So, it's been a good solid week of training, 210 miles with a TSS of 673 which is ideal for the time of year. Just under 50% of the week's training has been at L3 or above in wattage terms so that's a nice split in terms of overall intensity. Not doing any formal VO2 max work at the moment, that's all to come, hopefully with the performance gains that go with it!

Cheers all, rest day tomorrow :-)

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  1. Oh no! it HAS to be butter on English crumpets, surely? Or are you referring to the Scottish variety?

  2. Hi

    Nope, English, Warburtons actually :-)

    With honey or strawberry jam and no butter they are lovely, the perfect post ride snack, I'll post the nutritional information for you :-)