Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saturday Training



Excellent training ride today on what was a very cold morning, the outside temperature was just 1 degree above freezing when I left to house. Initially there was little wind but later in the morning the wind rose quite a bit and I never really worked out which direction it was coming from!

Initially there were 3 of us and I'd planned to ride 5 laps of the "Amble Velodrome" which would be a 50 mile main section to the ride with a 5 mile warmup before the start and a 5 mile cool down period after the finish. My plan was to do the 50 mile section in upper L3 which was exactly how it worked out.

Three of us rode the first 2 laps and one of the riders then headed for home, DaveD and I completed the five circuits taking turns breaking wind on the front, if you know what I mean ;-)

Anyhow, it went well, we completed a total of 61 miles including the 50 mile L3 section, the average speed for the L3 50 miles was 21.1mph which we were satisfied with at this time of year and following a full week of training. Things should improve when rested and after an appropriate period of higher intensity training to target VO2 Max adaptations, quite apart from not having to wear Winter clothes and ride my Winter bike with mudguards etc.

We paced the ride nicely and both had gas in the tank at the end with no significant pace reduction though the first circuit (no wind) was slightly quicker which is not at all unusual. The times for each of the five 10 mile sections were as follows:


An all round good training ride, enjoyed it and will enjoy my roast dinner tonight :-)

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