Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Training



For the first time for ages today I did a steady L2 session on the V'Tron. Felt tired yesterday and dead horses should not be flogged, I also have a rest day tomorrow.

I rode a 20 mile 3D course with a pacer to keep me company and felt fine. I thought also this would give the PC a further test as 3D riding is quite CPU intensive and with the wireless also running it would be working as hard as it's ever going to have to do and all ran smoothly. This is all part of my full system testing before I start to use this setup to test any other riders who might be interested in performance testing at some point.

Quite pleased with clocking up a TSS of 46.5 for such a straightforward ride, certainly better than doing nothing at all, my NP for the ride was a comfortable 212 and hopefully I managed to deflate one or two adipocytes along the route :-)

Weekly training time and mileage (7:17 & 137) lower than planned this week but it's been far from a normal week, at least I've kept the show on the road. Enjoyed the coverage of the TDU tonight, looking forward to the start of the racing proper on Tuesday. Simply could not believe that 3 minutes into the programme Sky developed a technical fault (so the on screen message said) and the coverage was lost for about 2 minutes, just our luck!

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