Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday Training



Rotten weather first thing this morning so decided to once again train indoors and the session went well, felt good towards the end which came as a nice surprise!

Rode the UK IronMan IRCV (Interactive Real Course Video) on the VeloTron and was impressed by how realistic it was, I was amazed how quickly it made the time on the trainer pass and I completed the roughly 37 mile course in about 1:50 at just over 20mph.

I felt that this was a very effective training session and a really very good road simulation. the software has a slightly "unfinished" feel about it but it worked well and I was pleased with it, I'll do this route many times I am sure! Good opportunity to do some work on pedal stroke efficiency as the SpinScan function is operational throughout.

NP for the ride 250W, average HR 138BPM. 157 miles on the turbo this week, can't be bad.

[Uploaded 25/01/2009 21:38:32]

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  1. You checked in me the other day on my blog so I am checking in on your training. :-)

    I thought we were going to get rained out, but 8 of our group made it out for a ride.

    Glad to see you were hammering away and making solid progress despite the weather.

    I also added you on my favorite blog list.