Friday, 6 February 2009

Friday Training



Nothing too outrageous on the agenda today just some more steady L3 work, did 2x25 @ 255W and the session went really well. It's amazing how taking a day off when you feel you need it rather than a day off when you think you should take one makes such a difference. Also slept well last night and the combination of a non-training day and a good night's sleep resulted in my feeling just great!

Replaced the batteries in my PowerTap for the first time today and didn't seem to make a pig's ear of it so that was good, amazingly it still seems to be working after my attentions!

Weather here still very cold with ice and snow, pretty sure I'll not be out in the morning so plan to ride IronMan Australia on the VeloTron so at least it should be a sunny ride, should be fun! Am presently holding back on sending the Racer Mate IRCVs back as I believe that they are currently working to correct the problems I have identified with the package and if things get done in a reasonable time frame it's probably worth the wait, I'll let you know what happens.

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