Saturday, 7 February 2009

Saturday Training



Awful weather again, snow, ice, slush and wind. Opted for a ride in the sun and rode the IronMan Australia IRCV course Lorena bought me for Christmas. It is again (like IronMan UK) just part of the full course and is just under 37 miles in length. There are the known issues with the software such as the TSS/IF/NP displays not working, not being able to do more than one lap of the course, and not being able to ride against a previous performance.

However, it was a really good ride. The virtual scenery was great and it was a very lumpy course, no big hills but only a couple of sections where you could get into a rhythm, the rest was really up and down. This route really lends itself to working on dealing with sudden surges in power as you can flog yourself as hard as you want up the hills, I think I was up around 600W at one point with a number of 400+W pushes, as happens out on the road.

So, a good L3 type session, covered the course in about 1:46 and will probably ride the course again tomorrow. TSS for the session was 113.6 and my HR was in L3 for about 80% of the time so a good solid CV workout. NP for the ride 245W, that'll do me, about the usual for this sort of length and intensity of training session.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. NP 245 Indoors is a very good effort IMO. One day I hope to be there.

  2. Hi

    Thanks, encouragement appreciated. I just keep plugging away at my plan, progress is slow, but it's progress!

    Take care and good training.