Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday Training



Nobody at the usual meeting place this morning so went out for a solo spin up to Bamburgh through the back lanes (surfaces now terrible) and by the time I got home I'd covered a little under 40 miles in about 2 hours which was as much as I had wanted to do today so that was fine. Ride came in with a TSS of 115 and NP of 239.

Felt pretty good but it started to rain a bit and a cold wind got up particularly near the coast and I was happy to return home to the lovely smell of home made spaghetti bolognese :-)

It's been a good week of training, yesterday in particular, and I'm generally very happy with where I am at this time of year, the consolidation period continues.

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  1. You did well not to be tired after yesterday, I certainly would have been.

  2. Hi Colin

    Would have been impossible for me on my own on Saturday but I felt surprisingly good afterwards I must confess. Mind you, I knew I'd been on a bike ride!