Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thursday Training



Repeated Tuesday's L4 session today again doing 2x20@300W which in the past I've quite often found very tough. However, I think I need to keep trying to extend my L4 volume up to 20-25% of my training time if possible at this time of the year.

Was pleasantly surprised as though the session was, as usual, uncomfortable I got through it Ok and my HR data were fine. Was actually a little concerned that my HR didn't go a little higher and was wondering if I might be getting a little CNS fatigue creeping in. I'll keep an eye on things and in any event I have an easier day scheduled for tomorrow so hopefully all will be well and if not I'll take an extra day of rest.

Watched a fascinating Horizon programme this evening about the body clock and how, apparently, to time things best to make the best of ones daily physiological cycles (no pun intended ;-) ). As a result of the programme I'll be making a few changes and if they prove to be of any value I'll share my experiences.

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  1. I saw that programme too. Now I know why I avoid early Sunday morning time trials like the plague!