Saturday, 11 April 2009

Saturday Training



Managed to end up short of time for going out today so opted for a whirl around the IronMan Australia course using the VeloTron IRCV package.

Didn't set out with any particular objectives but seemed to be going pretty reasonably so pressed on and ended up getting round the 37 mile course quicker than I have previously managed which was a nice surprise.

Average power for the ride was 254W with a NP of 260W, I did include a number of 400-500W "surges" as a little road type simulations and was able to continue producing these throughout the ride, no sprinting though! :-)

So, I think I may well be getting back to where I was a few weeks ago which is a relief and I feel fundamentally better I think than I have for some little while, long may it continue.

No long riding for me tomorrow but will try to get a L3 session in on the VeloTron before we have to go out.

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