Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday Training



Had a ride planned today with a mate of mine who's been making very good use of a CompuTrainer, he's a very different rider now from the rider I knew last year. My guess is that he's gained about 30W in terms of threshold power which makes a hell of a difference out on the road.

Anyway, we had planned to ride two circuits of our 27 mile course at a good L3/SST pace and see how we went. In a nutshell it went very well indeed, we managed to complete the 54 miles in a time slightly better than when we previously rode the course as a group of 4 which was good going in cold conditions with a steady breeze, I think from the NE.

What was amazing was that we completed both circuits in times which were identical all but about 1-2 seconds, there was no performance fade and we both felt we could have continued. In power terms my NP for the first circuit was 272W and for the second 274W.

Overall this was an excellent training ride which makes me feel that I am now well back on track. We completed the 54 miles at an average speed of 21.3mph and my NP for the 2:36:02 was 272W which I was very happy with.

Another ride scheduled for tomorrow but at a slower pace :-)

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