Thursday, 7 May 2009

Stage 1 Report

Stage Report and Stage Data

Duration: 5:49:39
Distance: 101.65 miles
Work: 3675 kJ
TSS: 331
NP: 247W
VI: 1.29
Maximum Power: 810W
Average Power: 192W
Maximum Speed: 41.9 mph
Average Speed: 19.1 mph
Maximum HR: 182
Average HR: 140
TSB Today: 9.9
ATL Today: 100.8
CTL Today: 86.7

The first stage of the Tour of Ireland is over and done, all has gone well and I've been able to cope pretty well managing for the most part to ride with the faster group which was fun. One crash today that I was aware of when 2 lambs ran onto the road and into the peloton which was travelling at considerable pace downhill, the bloke who crashed seems Ok but I suspect may have some damage to his elbow, he's very stoical.

Bunch of really good blokes on the ride, easy to chat to and I think we are all kind of wondering how we are going to be feeling in the morning with another 100+ mile day in store. The forecast is once again for the wind to be very high, as it was today, and it remains to be seen what the rain will do, it's been lashing down earlier on this evening. Fine weather seems a long way off at the moment.

The escort arrangements are excellent, makes you feel really safe and the local drivers are just brilliant, really courteous and cautious around cyclists, the lorries and vans even stop as the peloton passes to ensure safe passage.

So, a good meal tonight and the usual recovery drinks and rehydration, we'll see if it makes any difference in the morning, I reckon that getting going will be a challenge but there is really not that much choice!

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  1. Hi my partner Phil Godley and his friend Scott are on the ride. I am using your GPS & blogg to track where he is. Say Hi if you meet him:-)


    Fi and Beau