Sunday, 10 May 2009

Stage 4 Report

Stage Report and Stage Data

The duration and distance figures are accurate and represent the full stage, the power and all other figures are of the first 90 miles at which point a rider behind me who wasn't concentrating rode into the back of my bike and damaged the wheel which could then not be ridden, thanks pal.

Duration: 7:21
Distance: 125.8 miles
Work: 2928 kJ
TSS: 248
NP: 212W
VI: 1.41
Maximum Power: 678W
Average Power: 150W
Maximum Speed: 33.3 mph
Average Speed: 16.7 mph
Maximum HR: 166
Average HR: 125
TSB Today: -55.1
ATL Today: 175.1
CTL Today: 105.1

Not a good day. Things were going just fine and rolling along a treat in decent weather, planned to ride for a while in group 3 and then switch to group 2 for the run in but events didn't go as planned.

During a steep descent a guy directly in front of me seemed to lose control of his bike and had a huge crash sliding/rolling a good 25 yards down the road which was still steep. Looking back at my GPS data he was travelling at about 30mph at the time. Somehow I just managed to avoid him and come to stop and go back to him, quite a mess. He was pretty dazed and badly cut up and he was packed off to the hospital, not heard yet is he is Ok. His seat post was snapped which either caused the accident of happened because of it, who knows.

So, much time was lost with that and we rolled on. Later in the ride some riders ahead of me slowed quite sharply and reasonably enough I did the same to avoid hitting them. Unfortunately the bloke in the line behind me didn't and rode into my back wheel, bust a couple of spokes and bucked it such that it was unrideable. Hence no more power data from this trip.

Had to watch the group roll away and wait for the recovery vehicle and eventually got a spare wheel fitted and got going again. Pushed on hard and caught the group which had stopped at the next feed, quick bite to eat and we were immediately away again.

Pretty pi**ed off with today's events so just rolled in with the group to the finish, the main thing was that I wasn't injured by any of this and I could very easily have been. Was pleased for David who was happy to come over the line first in the group 3 sprint finish.

Reflecting on things and as I feel now I think I may well give up this type of event. The actions of unknown others are just too unpredictable and likely to cause accidents and injuries. I've been really pretty shocked by the numbers of accidents on this ride so far especially given the small number of riders involved. Today's really nasty crash right I front of me could very very easily have caused severe and permanent damage to both the rider himself and others around him and it's a risk which can be avoided.

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