Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday Training



Decided to have a go at another ramp test today and it really didn't go well at all. I'll not ramble on about it by today's result was 17W lower than when I last tested which surprised me.

I didn't really feel very good when I was warming up, not bursting with energy and highly motivated as I would wish to be. I tried covering the screen so that I couldn't see where I was in comparison with previous efforts and I don't know whether this was a good or bad thing, on balance I don't think it helped me really.

So, what to do? Carry on training and retest in a week or so and see whether this result is a true reflection of the current position or just a reflection of me being a bit tired. I'm confident that there isn't a major problem because I am feeling better when out on the road. It could I suppose be to do with weight loss and if so I have done the right thing by losing some of the excess at this time of year rather than in the Spring.

In the grand scheme of things this result is 4% lower than last time, which is well within the range of day-to-day performance variation so I'll not be losing sleep over it, it's a test, not life and death :-)

Keep ploughing on. To review this wonderful experience click here ;-)

ATL: 76.2 CTL: 83.8 TSB: +2.9

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