Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Training



Today was to be a day of great excitement for me as the long awaited ErgVideos arrived from Canada, the time has come to see whether I was going to actually be able to use this extremely exciting training medium to help me prepare for the Tour De France ride.

I intend to write a brief review of my experiences with the ErgVideo system in due course but today was just about seeing whether I was actually going to be able to use them on the VeloTron. Anyway, I unpacked them, registered one of the DVDs and fired it up, IT WORKED! I was absolutely delighted and I am confident that this system is going to give my training another boost, just at the right time of the year.

I found the setup of the ErgVideo software and system extremely easy to follow and I can see immediately that it has enormous potential, I'm really looking forward to starting to use the system in anger in the next few days, I think ;-)

For today though I reluctantly left them and continued with my schedule by doing some steady work at 76-90% of my FTP. Experienced no problems, things seem to be going according to plan, long may it continue.

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