Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday Training



Instead of the 76-90% session today I decided to have another session using the ErgVideo system to continue to become more familiar with the ins and outs of the way it works, and how to get the best out of it.

The basic use of the system is extremely simple, the bottom line is you can just fire up ErgVideo which will in turn start the CompuTrainer/VeloTron software and you can then configure the ride as you wish and away you go. Taking it another step ahead you can use the video file with it's "embedded" .erg file to produce workouts of all different types using a single video file.

As an example, today I wanted to do a level 3 ride so I set this up using the web based Profile Toolbox which selects the best parts of the .erg file to meet your training goals for the session and then sets a number of repetitions of those sections of the ride so that the entire ride matches very closely your planned training objectives for the session. The system tells you what the TSS etc. will be for the ride so you can easily plan it to match exactly your requirements or to ensure that you do not increase workload too quickly in too short a time.

The ride I planned for today certainly met my expectations and it is interesting to note that because I did some repetitions to hit my training targets I only actually watched just over 20 minutes of the video and the video contains over 2.5 hours of footage. As you will readily appreciate the flexibility of the system means that a huge number of different workouts can be performed from one ErgVideo only, though of course one would want to have a variety of titles to choose from, mine today was "Ride To The Tour".

As previously the TSS/IF/NP etc. data predicted by the software matched pretty much exactly the final workout figures, this is a really excellent way of managing indoor training load and I'm looking forward to getting more into it and making this a key part of my training and coaching.

Today's one hour session was ridden with a NP of 255W so was pretty brisk, the killer was the climb at the end with a five minute average of around 340W, just what you want at the end of the session!

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ATL: 58.9 CTL: 59 TSB: 1.8

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