Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday Training

After the efforts of yesterday all I wanted to do was have a nice steady ride around in the little bit of sunshine that has finally shown it's face. Planned a simple little route up through the lanes to Bamburgh with the intention of building up a TSS score of around 100+ which would be fine to finish off the week.

The outward ride went fine but when I turned for home down the coast, guess what, not so much a headwind, more of a headgale :-( All I could do was just plug away into it keeping my work-rate down and just going very very slowly, well, slower than usual anyway. It wasn't much fun but I got there in the end and turned inland earlier than normal and headed for home. TSS for the ride was as I wanted it to be so job done, but not a lot of fun.

The good thing is that I've hit this week's CTL build target going from 74.6 last Sunday to 76.8 today. 2.2 is a higher weekly increase than I need so another steady week for next week just to keep the climb on track. I'm reaching the point now where it's going to be increasingly difficult to maintain my build riding largely indoors. The plan now is to try to get out on a Thursday for a decent road ride and reduce my riding on a Sunday to an easier indoor session, this will increase the overall load, but spread the work out a little.

To review the data: click here.

ATL: 91.7 CTL: 76.8 TSB: -12.9

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