Thursday, 1 April 2010

Thursday Training

Hmm... April Fool's Day, no I won't try and con anyone with tales about a sudden massive increase in my FTP and the fact that I am just about the announce an attempt on the World Hour Record after all this time having kept my true performance figures well hidden from you all. Sadly everything I have published has been true, but I can still dream, though my dreams are modest :-)

Anyhow, enough of this rambling, what have I been up to today on the training front to move me one step closer to my Tour de France ride? Speaking of which it is now only 89 days until blast off, doesn't sound long at all but to be perfectly honest given the work already behind me I am confident that there is enough time for me to get where I feel I need to be.

As I've already mentioned I recently took delivery of some more ErgVideos for my collection and today I tried out the Buddy Base Ride which does exactly what it says on the box, it's an aerobic base ride but there are plenty of rolling hills in there to test the legs. There was one notable section in my ride at about 1:04 where the load was up to around 400W and stayed up above 350W for some time which, towards the end of the ride, was pretty uncomfortable but I am sure very worthwhile.

This session delivered a TSS of around 83 as planned and I'm just hoping to get an indoor session and a road ride in over the weekend to try to start my CTL climbing again as it's been pretty static this week with no road riding because of the atrocious weather. Given the time remaining before the big launch even if my CTL only climbs by 1.5 per week that would still give me a departure CTL of above 90 which I would be happy with, and that's a conservative estimate.

To review the ride data: click here.

ATL: 76.5 CTL: 72.6 TSB: -3.4

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