Monday, 24 May 2010

Monday (not) Training

Nice rest day today, from training at any rate, though on duty at the hospital for the day. At least for once the weather has been grand over the weekend and poor on a Monday morning which is a real break with tradition.

Have a session to do either tomorrow or the day after and that's all for this week with the departure on the Tour du Nord scheduled for Friday. I'm pre-scheduling a short blog post for each day that I am away on the ride which will be published at about 05:00 each morning. The morning post will give the route outline and the elevation profile of the day as well as a link to the tracker so anyone can watch our progress. In the evening I will try to publish a short summary of the day and maybe a photo or two.

The idea of all this it to test out things for the "Leading The Tour" ride which is now really just a few weeks away, as well as to form a record for me to look back on, hopefully, in years to come.

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