Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday Training

Another good ride today in generally good weather with Dave and Barry in the photo above. Rode deliberately at a steady pace which resulted in an average HR well inside L2 @ 127bpm. This was a hilly endurance ride and just the sort of ride I had scheduled in for today. This completes this 4 day tempo/endurance block which has resulted in a 4 day block mileage of 227 miles, 12 hours 44 minutes of riding, and a TSS of 799.

Everything seems to be progressing according to plan at present and I'm particularly pleased with how I seem to be recovering at the moment. I put this down to three things, my recovery triad. Firstly I'm taking care with my post exercise nutrition and have now come up with a recovery nutrition scheme which seems to suit me well. Secondly I'm trying to get plenty of good quality sleep. Finally I am making religious use of some Skins compression clothing which I am finding is really helping me.

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, to be followed by a L3 session delivering about 70 TSS on Tuesday. After this I'll take 2 days off and have plenty of rest before setting off on the Tour du Nord on Friday. I expect my CTL after the final day of the Tour du Nord to be around 113+ with a TSB of about -52, now then it WILL be time for a rest!

Ride Time: 03:26 hh:mm
Work Done: 2353kJ
Training Stress Score: 180
Intensity Factor: 0.723
Normalised Power: 221W
Variability Index: 1.16
Ride Distance: 58.23 miles
Cumulative Distance: n/a miles
Elevation Gain: 3716 feet
Maximum Power: 667W
Average Power: 190W
Average Heart Rate: 127bpm
Average Speed: 17.8mph
Acute Training Load: 130.4
Chronic Training Load: 98.6
Training Stress Balance: -27.5

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