Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tuesday Travel

Photographs from Today:

Departure from Leeds-Bradford airport.
Look who's at my hotel!

Left home early and arrived at the airport in good time for a sad farewell to Lorena to whom I owe so much. Flight left on time and was uneventful and soon arrived in Amsterdam after the short flight where I was met by Steve and Bart from Sports Tours International. Had hoped to meet up with Ben from SKINS but unfortunately other pressures took over and hopefully this meet up will now take place tomorrow when we set off for our ride around the prologue circuit when we will finally, albeit briefly, be on our way.

Gear all seems to have arrived Ok which is great but I still have to put my bike together, shouldn't take too long as long as I haven't left anything important behind! Looked out of the hotel window and saw about 8 Livestrong branded vehicles looking very smart indeed and finally twigged that they were here to spy on the Tour de Velo, just in case they need to sign up a spare rider at short notice, how quickly word travels that there is some new talent on the block ;-)

Hotel room is extremely spacious and even has a kitchen but the air con doesn't seem to be working and it's pretty darned warm. Looking forward to making a start tomorrow and seeing if the GPS routing works out Ok, if it doesn't I've got a problem ;-)

More soon from the Tour de Velo, watch this space!


  1. Man, Ican't tell you how cool this is. Seeing those cars has got me all giddy inside. I can't wait for the tour and now we have our own leader to follow.
    Added this page as my home page so be sure to update regurly and get plenty of snaps.

    This is sooo cool. Go Man!

    Keith AKA bubblesfhm on twitter.

  2. Hi Quentin, Hope you get this comment before your departure. Anyhow, we learned about your challenge, Tour De Velo, through Matt (Skins.UK). It is fantastic!! Good luck and have a great ride, we will be following you on pedalbiker, from Brisbane. Cheers, Alberto

  3. Thanks for the support guys, means a lot, will certainly be giving it my best shot!