Saturday, 24 July 2010

Relaxing in Paris

Really nice day today strolling around some of the sights of Paris and generally soaking up the atmosphere as the city prepares for the arrival of The Tour.

Visited the Eiffel Tower and also checked out the grandstands which are all now set up for the finish on the Champs Elysees. Really looking forward to watching the finish, probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I'm going to enjoy it to the full.

Just this evening found a really nice little deli extremely close to the hotel so have stocked up a luxury hamper to take with us to the finish which will round things off nicely :-)

Unable to resist buying some TdF memorabilia today, I'm not likely to ride it again so I reckoned I could just about justify the cost having ridden it!

So, an early night tonight and a relaxing morning before taking up our positions in the grandstand :-)

Photos from today:

Tour de France finish grandstand.
Eiffel Tower.
Eiffel Tower from below, weird.
Cyclists finishing the London to Paris ride.


  1. well done q. proud of you.what an experience and acheivement xx

  2. An absolutely phenomenal achievment. Words fail me; you road every stage of the 2010 Tour De France. It's both inspirational and amazing. Chapeau, Quentin (Toks Ademerckx Adesanya)

  3. Hi Toks

    Thanks very much for your kind words. I wanted to prove that an ordinary bloke, with appropriate training, could do it, and I have. I hope it will inspire others who may have felt it was beyond them, it isn't.