Friday, 9 July 2010

Split Day? - No

The option was made available to me to ride today even though it is an official rest day, rationale as follows:

Tomorrow is a monster of a day and the suggestion was to ride the first part of tomorrow's stage today, the rest day, and then the remainder of tomorrow's stage tomorrow. So, in effect riding 2 shorter stages rather than the one long stage.

I thought about this overnight and made the decision, rightly or wrongly, to rest today and then to ride tomorrow's stage as per the official tour schedule tomorrow.

I am a bit of a purist at heart and I just felt I would be deviating from my original plan to ride the route as the pros do by carving up the big stage and that in the future I would regret my decision, it had the potential to niggle away at me.

I'm sure in the morning I will probably wish I didn't have so far to ride but my decision is now made and I'll stand or fall by it. If I make it to the end of tomorrow's big stage I am sure I will be pleased that I made this decision, I'll just rest up and hope for the best.


  1. Good decision to rest I think. Rest days are there for a reason even though you're not racing it. Enjoy Morzine!

  2. Definitely the right decision!

  3. Right Choice Quentin. Spend the day in your Skins and keep off your feet as much as possible. "If you can stand, then sit and if you can sit then lie down!" Great job Quentin, rooting for you here!

  4. Good decision up today, i`m sure yr well capable of doing the long stage...just take it steady! Aall the best from Woodhorn!!

  5. Hi Quentin. I think this is a very good decision. It has been hot and you have worked hard. All good things will come to those that rest and I suspect you will see the benefit of rest as you work your way down to Pau.

    Mate, it was a pleasure following you in the car yesterday and I look forward to catching up with you in Pau.


    P>S> I will try and bring the bike this time!

  6. I haven't the faintest about cycling but being a purist is something I can identify with. Enjoy tomorrow!

  7. Quentin-been following you regularly. Keep it up!